Contract Farming & Agricultural Contracting

Jubilee Mills Farms runs 1200 acres of arable farm land surrounding Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We are highly mechanised both with the farm equipment and electronic technology.

Modern cultivation and drilling equipment techniques are used in the autumn to sow the crop, seed rates are adjusted constantly to suit different soil conditions.

During the winter soils are tested for ph, Phosphate and Potash once every three years.

In spring compound fertilisers are applied via satellite controlled spreaders ensuring that P & K indices’ are consistently correct throughout the fields.

Soils are also tested in spring for residual Nitrogen levels from the previous year, Sulphur and Nitrogen are applied over 3 dressings after detailed analysis of the test results.

Agronomists from Procam walk the crops weekly checking and advising on both weed and fungal control. Crops are then sprayed through the season at regular three weekly intervals.

Crops are harvested and yield mapped, the information gathered is used to improve the following years yields in deficient areas of the field.

All grain and seed is taken to a central store, dried and kept in modern ventilated purpose built buildings.

The end product is sold throughout the year using the futures market and spot prices to the best of our advantage. Both local and international prices are checked twice daily ensuring that best selling prices can be achieved throughout the year.

Shared farming contracts are set up to suite both the farmer and contractor, the farmer getting a basic return and the contractor receiving the contracting costs and the profits being split at an agreed percentage with both the farmer and the contractor benefiting from the shared farming agreement.

Agricultural Contract Work