Moorland Reclamation And Grassland Reseeding

With the price of land and rents at an all time high crops of grass need to be the best we can achieve.

Here at Jubilee Mills we give a service reclaiming unproductive moorland and old pasture no matter how difficult the terrain and quality of the soil we will be able to establish and maintain a crop of grass.

If required the moor can be drained using excavators to trench the land moving rocks and stone as they excavate, laying drains at close intervals backfilled with gravel across the field.

Large rocks and stones are removed as the job progresses.

The soil is tested for PH phosphate and potash these products are applied as required.

Specialist varieties of grass seed to suite the area are selected from our specialist supplier who can recommend a whole range of combinations of quality grassland leys.

The land is worked with various types of heavy duty cultivation equipment to suite the soil conditions, again stones are removed then the grass seed is drilled with a specialist disc drill and rolled.

The results you will find are amazing.